music for men in uniform

by sonja berlin-jones

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The first track is a bit dull I suppose - though I like it - and maybe it's forgivable outside of this room because it's quite strange. The second track is much nicer and is very similar to my recent Watching European Films At 4am - its not an attempt to remake the track, it's just me using the same formula and seeing what happens - there's a difference.

I made both these tracks this morning between coming back from Asda and lunchtime. Before going to Asda I and my lesser half sat and watched a fairly recent Brian Eno talk that was on youtube - we watched it on DVD/TV - it wasn't that grim experience of people snuggling up around a computer screen. Eno is in Brazil and is beautifully dismissive of a bore on stage with him.

Eno says the same things he always says. But he is always worth hearing. It's strange how it's only "old" people who have anything interesting to say about music. Young people are too nice - they've been brought up with the modern idea that all opinions are equally valid- which is possibly true - but it does make for a duller world - because what's the point of putting your opinion forward if it's no more valid than anyone else's ?

Old people actually seem to think that they are right and that they have an obligation to change other people's mind - like something evangelical. Coincidentally Eno talks about his generative music - the rut I seem to be stuck in at the moment, though without using any of his apps or anything clever. I always agree with everything Eno says. But I always agree with everyone. Eno will talk about how modern studios/software give people too much choice/freedom.

You've got to agree with that. No interest in the past. Love him. The futility of hearing a sound in your head and spending a year trying to recreate it on expensive software or medium instruments. The scent of a confident man. The timidity of those who stay behind. How anyone who claims to like Robyn Hitchcock can be dismissed as a total phoney. The beauty of the music of Pub - perhaps the most beautiful music I know of. How wallpaper is the new music is the new rock and rock is nothing under the sun.



released March 25, 2013



all rights reserved


sonja berlin-jones Southampton, UK

Sonja erupted like a firework and shot into the ocean and there was no fizzle

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