window shopping with mescaline

by sonja berlin-jones

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This one is quite beautiful and shockingly lazy - if I had higher standards I'd be disgusted at myself for making it - but better to make something that is curvy and simple and lazy than something all complicated and clever and ugly. When my parents ask me "What Is Hyperminimalism?" as they wipe away their tears of disappointment that I didn't become a computer programmer, I might play them this one. I don't know if there is such a thing as an addictive personality - I can't understand how anyone can be alive and not have one.

I always want the best little bits of life to last forever and that is why I drank so much and did so little and do so little and why/how I listen to my favourite-track-of-the-moment on repeat for days and days till it is out of my system or watch my current favourite film over and over, just paralysed in a timeless heaven.

There are so few of these things - orgasms and drunken-euphoria and hardly any great albums and almost no great films and you're lucky if you find anyone who is worth spending much time with - let alone the right person to marry. But if I do - I do it.

And I have been really slobby lately - watching lots of films and documentaries and once per week some tiny moment stands out and you want it to repeat forever - which is what happens here. When you hit on one of the really beautiful things you know you will never tire of them - love their body even when they're old.

If you're on this happy gay gorgeous wavelength there's no hardship hearing this on repeat all week. I am semi-delighted to report that the proportion of people visiting this site after googling things like "fuck my bloody pussy" has tailed off a lot since I changed that album's title.

Some days it was two-hundred-plus, and now it's more like a sad little sterile post-coital dribble. This one's title is a bit poncey - like Oh wow aren't I wild and craazy talking about drugs when it all just makes everyone so boring - but isn't it brilliant going to a bigger city for half a day in the sunshine and you're being diverted.



released March 29, 2013



all rights reserved


sonja berlin-jones Southampton, UK

Sonja erupted like a firework and shot into the ocean and there was no fizzle

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