sonja's penis klinik

by sonja berlin-jones

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This unsubtle little horror sounds like something antediluvian that's crawled out from under an old paving-slab - a bit like an inelegant Test Dept or SPK - hence the title - though I dislike titles that refer back to the past and music that refers back to the past but like everyone I'm banging my head against the glass ceiling unable to make anything that sounds new/original.

Perhaps the best you can say about it is that it sounds like cod-Autechre - though even that is saying that it sounds a quarter-century old. This is my first Bandcamp thingy that was made using proper music software. I used the most basic presets and didn't tweak anything or do ANYTHING fancy.

I don't want to learn anything. Learning is moving away from the natural - it's funneling yourself into the current conformity - it means doing something that someone else has done before and that others have agreed is the correct thing to do. If I wasn't so naturally lazy I would learn how to do stuff properly.

It's the way to get famous - which of course is what I crave more than anything. I am joking. But talking of fame - I have heard from Rest/Relax/Records and believe it or not but some copies of the first ever Sonja B-J album have actually been sold. Honest. And yes - in the plural !!!! - more than one !!!! - and none of them were bought by me or any of my pressurised relatives. Maybe the first flush of sales has passed and the remainder will go at a dribble.

If you want to be part of that dribble click on the web address in the top right-hand corner of this page. Don't worry - I'm not getting a penny. I did the easy bit. Centuries of experience have taught me that the hardest thing in music is to run a label - the second hardest thing is to write fascinatingly about music - and the easiest thing is to make music - you only have to think of Tony Wilson and Paul Morley and Liam Gallagher to know this is true. But overall I would swap everything I've ever done just to've created a minute of this -



released March 27, 2013



all rights reserved


sonja berlin-jones Southampton, UK

Sonja erupted like a firework and shot into the ocean and there was no fizzle

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